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Ep 035: German Acro Balance Porn?

So this comedy act has a plot lifted directly from the stereotypical porn video from the 1970s. Secretary needs something fixing, handyman arrives, things happen. Despite (or because) of this, the act really works, and if Patrik Elmert hadn't performed in the Saturday Night Open Stage Show, this would have been the highlight of the show!

For more info on this act check out http://www.duotipp.de/


Ep 034: A Synchronous Relationship

"Relationship" seems to show a very balanced relationship without one partner controlling or overbearing the other.  The man holds the woman and the woman holds the man.  Neither leads the other but they move in sync across the stage and in each others arms.

Claudia and Guido were a local duo from Munich and performed this act on the Wednesday Night Open Stage.

Find more about Claudia and Guido at www.akroshow.de


Ep 033: Unmemorable Memento

This act also caught me by suprise, but only when it came to editing the footage.  You see I have no memory of watching this act on Thursday Open Stage but I'm sure I must have as I did film it.  

Ironically it's called "Momentos" performed by Dimitar Germanov.

Although there is some amazing skills in this performance, I think it's about 4 mins too long.

For more info on Dimitar check out www.jugglingdance.blogspot.com


Ep 032: X Marks The Spot

This act caught me by surprise!  I was changing the tape in the camera when Ballazar started talking to some one in the audience.  I thought it was a bit that he was ad-libbing so i took my time and started writing something in the chat room.  Then Jean Manu started getting up on stage so I had to get up to speed pretty quick!

The act is called "X." 

As you can see the act went down very well and has been nominated for Best Short Comedy Act of the EJC 2011.  Jean Manu is a professional musician who just does a bit of clowning on the side.  Find more about him at www.jeanmanu.fr


Ep 031: An Instant Classic

"Tritsh Tratch Polka" is an act which was commisioned by the misicans playing the double basses in this peice.  Valclav Peca really stepped up and put together a solid performance which he first performed on live TV.  The video below was filmed on the Tuesday Night Open Stage at the EJC in Munich.


Glad you liked it!  I did too.